Benefits of Yoga
Yoga is an ancient practice that benefits both the body, mind and spirit. Health and
wellbeing is about far more than the absence of disease, it is the enhancement of our
physical body as well as our mental and emotional wellbeing.  The word yoga means
'union' or 'joining' hence the different yoga practices which all aim to integrate and
promote physical, mental and emotional equilibrium.  

Regular Yoga practice nourishes our general health and wellbeing every day by helping
us to develop an awareness of our own body and mind, increasing flexibility and strength
as well as promoting balance and everyday mindfulness.  Yoga has been proven to aid
relaxation and reduce and manage stress. 

The intention is for everyone to enjoy yoga, connect with themselves and others around
them and learn how taking time for themselves to practice yoga can improve their own
health and wellbeing.

"So, for contentment, the first thing to do is put a brake on the mind"
(Patanjali's Yoga Sutras & the Bhagavad Gita)
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-About - -Yoga Classes - -Small Groups - -One to One - -Contact - -What people enjoy -